Thursday, November 5, 2015

Syllabus : Establishing The Land Title And Paramount Governance Dispute Resolution Template

It is the value of common law that statute law shall incorporate the substance of the will of the Peoples through the national and regional legislatures; while instilling the modern era standards of general community ethics; providing a continuing evolution of  equitable balance of the administration of these laws and the fabric of justice - noting the universal and fundamental provisions of human, political, and, civil rights and duties [including, CTRC] [FPIC] [Since Time Began] [Ascendance And Siem'stum] [Education Duty Of Care]

The mission of utilizing a non-biased, independent third party to provide the competent jurisdiction for the binding judicial credentials forum; wherein, the nation state governance will be respected by the IGO United Nations, and, other relevant international bodies; implementing both the historical custom laws of the lands in question. [Tears] [Coronation Oath Breach]

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