SQYX Instructions To Personal EIIR Canada State Funded Competent Legal Counsel Of Choice

WITHOUT PREJUDICE  _________________________________________ ERRORS & OMISSIONS EXCEPTED
In The Matter Of The
Law Society Of British Columbia (LSBC) Complaint Information To Supreme Court Of British Columbia
Judicial Actor Judge Greyell
Originating 2013 SCBC Trial Decision Case S67804
LSBC Complaint Against SQYX Is Criminal Contempt Of Court
IACHR Ruling In Case 12.734 : HTG versus Canada : Airey versus Ireland Legal Counsel Ruling
Criminal Contempt Of Court In Canada : Rowbotham Application : Collateral Order Doctrine
Interlocutory Injunction : Free Prior Informed Consent : Geneva Conventions
Quasi-Judicial Administrative Tribunals : Legal Aid Lawyers Complaints In BC : McRuer Natural Justice
CSSP = Consecutively Settled Sovereign Peoples Of Turtle Island North = Absolute Monarchies
Instructions To State-Funded Legal Counsel Of Choice
To Construct & Submit Quality Legal Response
To The LSBC Complaints Against Goodwin, et al, To A Court Of Competent Jurisdiction Only
  1. LSBC is petitioning for Goodwin to be found in criminal contempt; sentencing to include incarceration; therefore,
  2. Goodwin is entitled to legal aid
  3. Goodwin is informa pauperis
  4. Goodwin is entitled to provisions of Airey versus Ireland provisions; namely, state-funded competent legal counsel of choice
  5. Goodwin claims that the foundational dispute issue is a fundamental land title claim issue; i.e., paramountcy claim by CSSP HRH Stitumaatulwut Hwuneem against the occupancy claim by EIIR Canada
  6. Goodwin claims that Canada does not possess prohibitive authority to prevent Goodwin from seeking redress by appeal to the United Nations in the matter of the original Case S67804, as established by the Inter-American Commission On Human Rights (IACHR) via the Hul'qumi'num' Treaty Group (HTG) versus Canada in the 2009 Case 12.734; wherein, Canada was denied the objection application to prohibit the HTG Complaint until such time as HTG has exhausted all internal remedies through the Canadian judicial system. Amnesty International and Lawyers Rights Watch had filed HTG supportive amicus curiae; naming the Canadian government of the day as being deficient in  respecting its own judicial system when it judged land claims in favour of indigenous Peoples (CSSP) complaints - which, traditionally take 20-30 years to complete and requires $30-40 Million CDN
  7. Goodwin has reasonable expectation of significant harm to his person if arrested for incarceration as established by the evident potential for life-threatening injury by the incident as related to disputes at the CSSP-owned reserve lands occupied by the Cowichan Valley Joint Utilities Board open sewage lagoons; where Goodwin was installed as the lead advocate on behalf of the land title holders; namely, the EIIR Canada  Crown decision to have Goodwin arrested by an RCMP officer who was under code-of-conduct investigation by the RCMP Public Complaints Commissioner regarding allegations filed that this said RCMP officer has used excessive force by use of taser on an 18-year-old male youth ... The Crown stayed the charges when informed of the deficiencies in the charge against Goodwin
  8. Further, Goodwin has reasonable cause to fear harm through arrest and incarceration due to outstanding grievances held by third parties originating from his continued role as investigator and advocate in matters citizenry allegations of corruption since 1975 at (A) Cowichan Tribes; (B) International Brotherhood of Teamsters; (C) Canada Revenue Services in his report to Canada Auditor General regarding evident CRA employment of Hells Angels members to enter First Nations reserve territories to collect on outstanding CRA debt claims against reserve members; (D) Ontario Hydro ; (E) Elizabeth II Mary Mountbatten / Battenberg / Windsor / Sax Coburg und Gotha as related to the 2005 Goodwin solicitation for competent legal counsel of choice funded through her treasury (CLCC-EIIR); among a catalogue other allegations and citations
  9. And, there is evident "Gladio" styled influence in the unfolding events as caused through the LSBC complaints, namely, issues of "false flags" and "disinformation" as related to LSBC "vexatious" 
  10. Further, LSBC is adequately informed of SCC decisions in the successful the non-lawyer Mangat appeal in the "... alleged breach of Legal Professions Act, BC; and, the variance provisions regarding exclusionary provisions for nation state employees
  11. All of Goodwin's advocacies since 1975 have been pro bono - no charge ... no fees : Touchstone Committee Fee Structure is 0% : all counselling is through philanthropic provisions
  12. The Legal Profession Act, BC is a provincial statute; which includes ministerial attendance via the Attorney General Susan Anton, a lawyer, as an ex-officio bencher; who is restricted through the B.A.R. LSBC regulations to only provide legal counsel to "government"; the previous BC A/G Shirley Bond, was. also, a LSBC bencher - but, was not a lawyer; and, did not possess any public domain legal training
  13. In particular, the dispute matter of SQYX Goodwin versus EIIR creates a political and economic hazard to the EIIR constitutional monarchy of her dominion; namely, in 2005 Goodwin cautioned her to proceed forthwith to provide adequate and continuous CLCC-EIIR legal counsel funding to CSSP; all of which is preserved in specific, direct letter  and electronic exchanges between Goodwin and Elizabeth II since 2005
  14. Neither the LSBC nor SCBC Judge Greyell established substantive and paramount judicial jurisdiction regarding the Legal Profession Act, BC.
  15. Goodwin asserted to the LSBC and SCBC Judge Greyell that the LSBC complaint and the claim of right to form court by Judge Greyell constitutes breaches of Goodwin's fundamental human, civil and political rights as originate through customary CSSP laws and international laws to the degree that such offences constitute offences falling within the jurisdiction of the United Nations International Criminal Court; including, but not limited to the Canada Truth and Reconciliation 2015 Final Report on the established facts and testimonies by victims and relatives of CSSP children and relatives through the EIIR Canada Residential and Day School network of ethnic clensing; termed as Cultural Genocide in this CTRC 2015 final report
  16. Goodwin is the gatekeeper of supporting proxies from CSSP citizenry, Elders, Clan Mothers and Hereditary and elected Chiefs; wherein, declarations of originating and continued CSSP nation state status is asserted and continued for purposes of fundamental civil, political and human rights
  17. Goodwin's assertions and allegations, supra, meet and exceed the reasonable man test in good  and just faith as evidenced through his continuous association with customary, domestic Canada and international law enforcement bodies; including, but not limited to Canadian coordinated law enforcement units in matters of serious crimes and organized crime organizations; with senior RCMP embodied into the directorship of Goodwin's corporate and philanthropic enterprises and formations.
Substantive Responses To Be Developed In Response To The LSBC Criminal Contempt Complaint 2015 Against Goodwin :

Section One : Goodwin's Established Fundamental Right To Adequate And Continuous - As Required By The Reasonable Man Test - Representation By State Funded Competent Legal Counsel Of Choice : namely to include but not limited to issues of
  1. The 2015 LSBC Complaint to the SCBC of  evident Criminal Contempt by Goodwin, et al, as allegedly created through the claimed Goodwin, et al, breaches of the conditions in judgement through the 2013 LSBC Judge Greyell decision in Case S67804
  2. Goodwin asserted in his responses to the LSBC prior to the SCBC Case S67804 trial and during this said hearing that
  3. (A) there was no breach of the Legal Profession Act, BC (LPSBC) due to clear deficiencies in the applicable and valid jurisdiction of this said LPSBC statute and regulations, as arising through valid constitutional and applicable matters of the clear and binding laws that preserve and protect the administration of law and justice in a free and democratic society, whose EIIR Canada origins have ascended through the common law evolution of the British Empire and the modern era United Kingdom; specifically,
  4. That there are no enforceable nation-to-nation treaties between CSSPs and the founding British Columbia and EIIR Canada parties; as evidenced by the United Nations Collection of Treaties; and, including, the evident 1697 parliamentary dissolution of the Charles II's writ of issuance of the 1670 Hudson's Bay Company Charter (HBCC1670);
  5. Specifically, this HBCC1670 warrant originally granted the HBC authority to conduct only trade expeditions that would be protected through Admiralty warrants for protection against piracy on the high seas; and, therein, this charter specifically prohibited the HBC from seizing or purchasing foreign land titles;
  6. The restrictions upon the HBC, therein, prohibited HBC from entering into any treaty (a nation state document) with foreign parties
  7. Breach of these restrictions of trade upon the HBC, therein, caused the purchases of lands in the Turtle Island North / North America territories of the continued and paramount governing bodies of the 1100 CSSP nation states to be invalid
  8. The HBC, having purchased lands from CSSP through fraud and deceit, thereafter, sold these said territories to the 1867 founding parties of  the constitutional monarchy of Canada (today, being EIIR Canada confederation of provinces and territories)
  9. Hence, the CSSP have suffered through the legacies of the constitutional monarchy Canada's Indian Residential and Day Schools networks; wherein, the 2015 Canada Truth and Reconciliation Commission (CTRC) 2015 Final Report has assessed as constituting offences of Cultural Genocide
  10. Further, the collated CTRC testimonies and facts are continued in evidence as constituting continued said cultural genocidial offences through the  Canada policies of excessive CSSP incarceration; continued high ratios of CSSP children apprehended into state care; the third world conditions on CSSP reserves in regards to health care, employment, and education; and,
  11. In particular, the seizing into EIIR Canada title of entrenched individual CSSP land title through corruption; therein, denying CSSP entitlements to safe and adequate housing or land rights resulting in overcrowded homes on reserves; and, further, causing CSSPs to vacate their traditional and customary lands; and, therein, to live in continued and overwhelming poverty off reserve